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Your back is a critical part of your everyday life. When you experience back pain, it's more than discomfort. It affects your career, your sleep, your family life and many more of your daily activities. We offer chiropractic care to individuals who want their life back, whether they were injured in a car accident, hurt while playing sports or strained by the repetition of their daily routines.

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Research shows that many dental issues can be related to other medical conditions throughout the body, as either a cause, effect or correlating symptom. Our dentists, specialists, oral surgeons, dental hygienists and staff recognize how imperative your oral care is to your overall health. We are committed to providing our clinic's families with the highest quality dental services from regular exams and teeth cleanings, to surgical procedures and orthodontic treatments. 

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Here at Celebrity Clinics, we believe in full body wellness for the whole family. We don't overlook basic medical care for the sake of specialized treatments, because general healthcare is where full body wellness begins. Our medical professionals provide a wide variety of services, including injury consultation, orthopedic consultation and procedures, pain management and plastic surgery consultation.