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The Amazing Uses of Avocado

Buttery and delicious, filling and healthy- avocado really is a super food. And with a bevy of different recipes you can add it to, it makes its case as a super food. Avocado contains  high amounts of Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin C, Potassium, and more . This tasty treat is only 160 calories and comes packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Furthermore, it does not contain any cholesterol or sodium and is very low in saturated fat, making it a perfect treat or ingredient. ... Read More
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Move Every 15-20 Minutes

Office jobs have some wonderful perks- reliable income and hours, evenings free, and a even, potentially, a future of moving up, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows! In fact, scientists said sedentary lifestyles were  becoming as much of a threat as smoking or obesity . Sitting down 10 hours a day can have significant  risk toward heart health  as well as raising your risk of diabetes. Findings presented at the 2015 Inaugural Active Working Summit also found that... Read More
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Stranger Danger

There comes a time in every parent’s life when they have to explain strangers to their children. Kids see strangers every day on their way to school, in the park, in the grocery store, and almost everywhere else. First thing to teach your kids is, who is a stranger? Strangers are individuals who don’t know your family well. TV and movies often show strangers as overly scary or creepy people, but this is a poor message for children. Dangerous strangers can look like anyone,... Read More
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Breathing Exercises

When feeling over-worked and under the pressure of life, sometimes it’s difficult to take a moment to catch your breath. There are plenty of ways to find peace in your day without having to spend the afternoon relaxing at the spa.  All you need is a pair of healthy lungs and 10 minutes or less to help strengthen your breathing, to discover a renewed relaxation. Borrowing techniques from yoga, meditation, and the therapist’s chair, here are some ways to help you slow down,... Read More
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Quick tips to Dental Hygiene Bliss

There are many factors that come to mind when considering personal health: Eating healthy, exercising, getting good rest, and don’t forget teeth cleaning! Taking good care of your teeth is essential for good hygiene so it’s always a good idea to start and end your day in with your teeth in tip top shape. Need help checking off the basics? Here are some key tips from Celebrity Healthcare dentist Dr. Maliza Oliver! Brushing your Teeth to Perfection Brushing is perceived as a... Read More
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