The Amazing Uses of Avocado
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The Amazing Uses of Avocado

Buttery and delicious, filling and healthy- avocado really is a super food. And with a bevy of different recipes you can add it to, it makes its case as a super food.

Avocado contains high amounts of Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin C, Potassium, and more. This tasty treat is only 160 calories and comes packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Furthermore, it does not contain any cholesterol or sodium and is very low in saturated fat, making it a perfect treat or ingredient.

Finding its eatery origins in Mexican cuisine, avocados have been a staple of the American continent for almost 10,000 years. This tasty treat has survived the ages through essential recipes like tacos and guacamole.

But more than just a footnote to a condiment, the avocado has a variety of applications and uses. If you’re a sandwich person who needs an alternative to mayo or other condiments, Avocado can be a healthy spread that can replace almost any sandwich favorite. Trying to add a boost to any smoothie? Try including avocado in your mix!

Have dry skin? No problem! Avocado can even be an exfoliating mask! Been out in the sun and need some sun protection? Avocados can also work as sunburn relief. If you’re also looking for an all-natural alternative to shaving cream, avocado can be your go to!

Regardless, if you’re trying to find a healthy fatty alternative sandwich spread or are trying to improve the quality of your skin, avocado can be your go to!

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