Texting and Driving – Why it’s Always Better to Wait!


Texting and Driving – Why it’s Always Better to Wait!

Texting and Driving – Why it’s Always Better to Wait!

We live in an age of instant gratification - We can watch nearly anything at the click of a button, order mobile delivery services to pick up food from almost anywhere, and can talk to any one of our loved ones in an instant - but should we always be connected?

Catching up on a conversation or making plans can always be satisfying, but one place that needs to ban phone use is the driver’s seat. Distracted driving - driving that involves calling, texting, eating, or any other distraction from the road - can be deadly.

The Facts

Every day, 9 people die in America from distracted drivers. To put that in perspective, distracted drivers claim over 3,000 lives every year. In addition, 421,000 are injured by car accidents involving distracted drivers every year.

The Long Arm of the Law

Smart phone usage is the biggest culprit claiming 25% of all distracted driving traffic accidents. On September 1st, Texas will become one of the 45+ states to ban the act of texting and driving.  Cellphone service providers have even started to help the battle against texting and driving – AT&T has started the “It Can Wait” campaign- a social initiative to make a personal pledge to never text and drive.

Eating is also a risky behavior as it often requires one or both hands to be removed from the wheel. The act should be avoided for its danger as well as it is breaking the law in Texas.

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