Teen Drivers- The Fast & the Furious ...and How They Drive!
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Teen Drivers- The Fast & the Furious ...and How They Drive!

Teen Drivers- The Fast & the Furious (How They Drive!)

One of the most monumental rites of passage to a growing teenager is the day their mom or dad hand them keys to the car. The road is calling and the wind is behind their back, perfect for a drive - But not so fast! Motor vehicles can be extremely dangerous, especially to teenagers. The statistics are sobering, but worth noting -  

The Bad
A recent study found that 33% of deaths among 13-19-year-olds occurred in a motor vehicle crash. In that same report, it was found that 56% of teens admit to using their phone while driving. As of last year, a sharp rise in teen fatalities occurred in the United States. Though this is believed to be for different reasons (including distracted and inexperienced driving), it doesn’t change the fact that teens are 1.6 times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than an adult.

One insight into why teenagers are at such risk for danger is due to their habits in a vehicle. 34% of teens say they did not consistently wear seatbelts. 56% of teens also admitted to using their cellphone while driving. Driving can be dangerous, but passenger deaths are just as deadly - 60% of teenage car fatalities occurred in motor vehicles driven by other teens.

The Good
Over the years, safety measures and driving standards have improved. As a result, young males driving in 2017 have become radically safer drivers than those of their 1975 counterparts, though they are still more likely to experience a car accident than young females. If you’ve got a child or children getting ready to drive or are already in process of driving, don’t fear. There are many ways to prepare them for the road, and education is the first step!

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