Muscle Strain – Your Body’s Limits


Muscle Strain – Your Body’s Limits

Muscle Strain – Your Body’s Limits

Muscle soreness and pain is part and parcel to any regular exercise routine meant for improving stamina or strength.

“No Pain, No Gain,” right?

Though you can never avoid the discomfort of muscle growth, there are levels of severity to the muscle tears caused by exercise. Many are manageable and part of the muscle building process, but some are more severe and need a consultation with a physician.

Muscle strain injuries are categorized in three tiers

Grade 1 Muscle Strain
The tissue is stressed and thusly tears in small sections. This has little affect over your overall muscle capacity and is usually part of the process of muscle growth.

Grade 2 Muscle Strain
This involves moderate levels of tears in the muscle but none that are too large, and not a singular complete separation. If properly managed, many of these can be rehabilitated in a few weeks.

Grade 3 Muscle Strain
This involves the muscles being torn to a degree that greatly affects their capability. This could either be many small tears or the potential for a full separation. This type can be dangerous and has the possibility to develop into a long-term issue.

When Should I Contact a Physician?

All Grade 3 and many Grade 2 strains need to be reviewed by a physician to ensure proper healing and recovery. After this has been considered or enacted, there are ways to help yourself recover.

How Can I Help my Muscle Strain? Stay Up!

Literally! As simple as it may sound, elevation of the muscle in question greatly reduces the pressure it receives and helps healing. Next is to compress- wrap the muscle tightly with a gentle push in a circular motion. Lastly, a great way to get that muscle back in shape is strengthening. This is the process of re-introducing exercise to the affected area. This can be dangerous with certain Grade 2 and all Grade 3 strains, so be sure to not over-strain and follow the advice of your physician.

Regardless of how much or how little you exercise, it’s all too easy to become affected and potentially injured by muscle strain. If you’ve been hurt by strenuous exercise or injury or have been experiencing a chronic pain, please contact us today for a free consultation! 

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