How to Prep Your Teen for the Open Road!
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How to Prep Your Teen for the Open Road!

How to Prep Your Teen for the Open Road!

It’s always exciting to get the keys to your first car! This time can bring with it adventures and memories, but also comes with plenty of risk and responsibility. Preparation in understanding young drivers taking to the open road has evolved over the years, and in 2017, there are ways to ensure your teenager’s safety.

Earlier this year, The Texas House of Congress voted 114-32 to pass legislation that affected texting and driving. Additionally, House Bill 62 was passed and made it an unlawful offense. As of September 1st, if a driver is pulled over while texting, they can be fined between $25 and $100 with penalties up to $200 for repeat offenders.

Young drivers were the focal point of a recent act of congress making it mandatory for all drivers under the age of 18 to take a ‘distracted drivers’ test.

In addition to laws from the state, there are a few staple practices a parent can bestow on their children that encourage safe behavior for all young drivers.

How to Prep a Loved One for Driving

1 Rules of the Road
Familiarize them with the Texas laws and the rules of the road - knowing what road signs mean, when one has the right-of-way, and other driving rules. Understanding of these rules is a sure-fire way to prepare them for driving.

2 Teach Them the Way!
Practice with your young driver - Nothing prepares a young driver like overseeing their driving. It also encourages them to pick up all necessary habits of driving.

3 Technology is a No-No!
Ban all phones! More than just texting; phone calls, games, and other distractions are an easy reason that phone use can be more than dangerous. It can wait!

4 Understanding the Vehicle
Teach Responsibility and Maintenance of Vehicles - From how to change a tire to how often to get your oil changes, even warning signs of when to see a mechanic, familiarizing your young driver with the basics of a motor vehicle can prevent an unfortunate incident.

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