Help! I just Got in a Car Wreck - What Now?
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Help! I just Got in a Car Wreck - What Now?

Help! I just Got in a Car Wreck - What Now?

If you’ve ever listened to the radio (so, yes!), you’ve heard a commercial, comedy bit, or song telling you how to handle a car accident and who to call first. But the experience can be traumatic as well as stressful and not always as simple as commercials make it out to be. In the moment, there are a few essential considerations to be made.

Steps to Take After a Car Wreck

1 Ensure safety
If you’re able-bodied and your car can move, try to move your car out of harm’s way. If this is not possible, be sure to put on your hazards to show others to avoid the accident as well as distress.

2 Stop your vehicle and get out
Do not risk further injury while being in the car that may result from the accident such as a leak or fire. If you are in a place where traffic does not put you at risk, turn your car off and exit the vehicle.

3 Check on others
If you are able-bodied, check on all others involved to see if any help is needed. Call 911 if anyone is injured or is experiencing any sign of external or internal trauma.

4 Call The police
Regardless if it’s a small accident, the police will mobilize traffic, arrange medical transport, and help begin the process of sorting any legal disputes.

5 Gather Info
Information and photographic evidence are the last key task to tend to. 

Important Information to Gather

-Driver & Passenger names of all vehicles involved
-License plate numbers
-Insurance information
-Makes and models of the vehicles
-Location of the accident
-Images of the damage to both vehicles involved and to the surrounding area
-Any contact and identification that you can get from the officer who helps

Proceed with Caution!

The next few days are full of recovery and making the next step forward but the time at hand is crucial. Be sure to care for others first before moving forward.

Car accidents can be dangerous and costly. If you’ve been hurt in any kind of accident or have been experiencing a chronic pain, please contact us today for a free consultation!

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