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Teen Drivers- The Fast & the Furious ...and How They Drive!

Teen Drivers- The Fast & the Furious (How They Drive!) One of the most monumental rites of passage to a growing teenager is the day their mom or dad hand them keys to the car. The road is calling and the wind is behind their back, perfect for a drive - But not so fast! Motor vehicles can be extremely dangerous, especially to teenagers. The statistics are sobering, but worth noting -   The Bad A recent study found that 33% of deaths among 13-19-year-olds occurred in a... Read More
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Help! I Just Got in a Car Wreck- What Now? (Long-Term)

Help! I Just Got in a Car Wreck- What Now? (Long-Term) You’ve recently been in a car accident that may have caused injury or trauma, but there are still items to be dealt with. The next few days can be rough, but certain bases need to be covered- What to do After a Car Wreck 1 Contact a Doctor If there is any pain from the event, no matter how small, it is important to contact a physician to assess the injury and give a proper diagnosis. 2 Property Damage Contact... Read More
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How To Avoid Distracted Driving!

How to Make Distracted Driving a Problem of the Past! Distracted Driving can be a scary thing. In Texas alone, drivers who were distracted by phone calls, texts, eating, or other means cause 455 motor vehicle deaths a year. Focus can be challenging in a time where digital and social media bring us instant access to information and social interactions, but it’s in everyone’s best interest to always put the phone or food down and pay attention to the road. If you have... Read More
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Sweets Consumption

Have a sweet tooth? You're not the only one. People all over the country love sugar-  and too much . Though the recommended amount of sugar is under 40 grams a day, the average American consumes  76.7 grams of sugar on a daily basis . Though delicious, sugar can wreak havoc on your internal system by overloading and damaging your liver, causing metabolic dysfunction, increasing your uric acid levels, and tricking your body into gaining weight. Even though you might... Read More
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The Benefits of Water

Sodas, fruit drinks, and sweet tea, o my! With so many options to quench your thirst, it’s hard to stick to basics, but sometimes, water is just what a body needs. Though some might say bland, drinking water on a daily basis can have huge health benefits that will improve your skin, mood, energy, and more! With water as a staple of your diet, it’ll have you saying H2-Oh Yea! Fatigue Issues  Many people have issues with feeling tired constantly. Though there are many... Read More
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