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Sweets Consumption

Have a sweet tooth? You're not the only one. People all over the country love sugar-  and too much . Though the recommended amount of sugar is under 40 grams a day, the average American consumes  76.7 grams of sugar on a daily basis . Though delicious, sugar can wreak havoc on your internal system by overloading and damaging your liver, causing metabolic dysfunction, increasing your uric acid levels, and tricking your body into gaining weight. Even though you might... Read More
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The Benefits of Water

Sodas, fruit drinks, and sweet tea, o my! With so many options to quench your thirst, it’s hard to stick to basics, but sometimes, water is just what a body needs. Though some might say bland, drinking water on a daily basis can have huge health benefits that will improve your skin, mood, energy, and more! With water as a staple of your diet, it’ll have you saying H2-Oh Yea! Fatigue Issues  Many people have issues with feeling tired constantly. Though there are many... Read More
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Eye Health

Eye health is important to all of us, especially as we age. The eye is a complex organ in your body, and it needs a consistent stream of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to stay healthy. Research shows the best way to acquire these vital elements is to eat fruits and vegetables. It turns out your mother was right to push you to eat your fruits and vegetables. They, while being good for your diet, are essential in helping to prevent eye disease such as macular degeneration. Macular... Read More
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Memory Exercises

Memories are made up of what you sense throughout your day. Typically, when your memory fails, it’s not because you forgot how to remember—it’s because your brain isn’t processing information very clearly. Exercises for memory can sharpen the brain’s ability to record information so that you can create a clearer memory that’s easier to recall. We don’t just lose muscle mass over time — our brains can atrophy, too. More specifically, your... Read More
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Five Healthy Foods to Feed Your Children

There’s one thing that only parents know- how difficult it can be to feed your child! If not careful, a child can quickly develop habits for foods with high sugar content and low healthy values. Though it might be daunting to find foods your kids will enjoy and benefit from, there are some sure-fire foods to incorporate into their diet that will give you peace of mind. Eggs A great way to start the day is to avoid sugary cereals or breakfast fruit tarts. A quick and easy... Read More
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