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For Attorneys

Are you in the middle of a personal injury case, and need full documentation of all treatment?


We can help! 

We work with attorneys and many cases involving car accident injury treatment and personal injury treatment. We make sure you and your patients receive the care necessary to manage the pain, and understand the duress that can come from not only the physical pain but also the mental and financial strains an auto accident or other at-fault accident can cause.

Treatment for Accident Injuries:

While accidents happen in a variety of ways such as lifting, falling or an opposite force, we know that there is no one-treatment-fits-all solution for any injury.

Our staff thrives in offering a multitude of services for total care of the patient's accident. We provide a variety of diagnostic and treatment options, including:

• Full Medical Exams
• Disability and Capacity Evaluations
• Maintenance Care (after care)
• Therapeutic Injections
• Physical Therapy
• Chiropractic Care

To learn more about our treatment centers or to schedule an exam, contact us via our online form.