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It's our job here at Celebrity Dental to make you smile and keep your teeth healthy! At our convenient Dallas and Fort Worth locations, everyone is treated like a star. We put our patients and their dental needs first, and that is what sets us apart from the rest.

Your Full-Service Dental Clinic

Celebrity Healthcare provides a full service dental clinic offering exceptional cosmetic procedures, orthodontic treatments, dental implants and general dentistry appointments. We are proud to be in the unique position of assisting our patients with all of their dental needs under one roof, from cleanings and whitenings to braces and implants.

When we say we're a one-stop-shop for all of your dental needs, we really mean it. All treatments at Celebrity Dental are done in-house by highly experienced dentists and trained staff with the finest technology, from state-of-the-art X-Ray machines to all the latest dental tools.


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Financial Options for Dental Patients

We understand that many families stick to a defined budget to fulfill various financial obligations. Here at Celebrity Dental, we respect both your time and your resources, so we work to provide you with the most cost efficient, long-lasting solutions to your dental and orthodontic needs. Our practice accepts most insurance policies, and we can also provide patients with a manageable payment plan. Some of the insurance plans we accept include: Medicaid, CHIP, Most Dental PPO Insurance and Workers Comp. We are also one of the only dental clinics in the Dallas area that accepts LOPs (Letter of Protection).

Visit Celebrity Dental 

Here at Celebrity Dental, our calm environment and friendly team members make for a family-friendly practice parents can feel confident in selecting for their children and themselves. From kids and teens to young professionals, parents and seniors, Celebrity Dental has the range of experience to treat patients of all ages and backgrounds. We encourage you to set up an appointment at our Dallas or Fort Worth location and start reaping the benefits of the celebrity-status, all-inclusive dental treatment that our practice offers.