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Here at Celebrity Healthcare, our experienced doctors and caring staff take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic care to our patients through our many locations in Dallas and Fort Worth. We're here to bring you the pain relief you need to return to enjoying physical activities, caring for your family and living life to the fullest.

Experienced Chiropractic Specialists

Our chiropractic services began with a single chiropractic clinic serving a small area of Dallas. Although small, the clinic was dedicated to providing extensive chiropractic services to each of its patients, and that value remains with us today. Twenty years later, we still offer personalized, quality chiropractic care, but we now maintain multiple locations to serve patients throughout the entire Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex.

Trusted Chiropractic Treatments

Our chiropractors bring a wealth of experience to Celebrity Healthcare, along with their passion for providing patients with pain relief. Their unique areas of expertise allow us to treat a variety of spinal, skeletal and alignment needs. We specialize in chiropractic care and rehabilitation for injuries from car accidents, sports, and slip and fall incidents. We also perform spinal decompression and work to address headaches and neck pain. 

Our chiropractic specialists employ both traditionally successful treatments and the latest technology to get the results you want. Some of these chiropractic treatments include adjustments, muscle stimulation, hot and cold therapy, lifestyle adjustments, physical exercises and more. We assess each patient's needs individually, and we work with you to provide a treatment solution designed specifically to address your unique pain points and alignment issues.  

Safe Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic services are known for being one of the safest therapies available. If you are looking for a safe, drug-free, cost-effective solution for your pain, chiropractic services will be your best option. We have impressive safety records and provide relief for our patients.

If you are hoping to find a solution for your pain, choose the services at Celebrity Healthcare. 

Convenient Chiropractic Clinics

We have five area locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Our Dallas and Fort Worth locations also provide dental services. If you're suffering from pain related to your spine or alignment, we encourage you to use the contact form or give us a call at any of our locations to make an appointment with one of our chiropractors at the Celebrity Healthcare office that is most convenient for you. 

Frequent Chiropractic Questions

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractors consistently learn and discover innovative solutions for treating your muscles, spine, joints and the nerves associated with them. On an individual basis, we look at your joint alignment, see what part of the body is the root cause of your pain and use that information to help with the overall health of your nervous system.


After taking a look at your current alignment, we adjust the proper joints in order to help your muscles stay adaptable to movements and positions your muscles will see in the future. For instance, if you have a strain, sprain or back pain, we take that information, look at your current alignment, then create a treatment plan specifically for you.


We also focus on our patient’s overall health. While many think that chiropractors in Dallas/Fort Worth only deal with back pain, that is simply a myth. Whether it be nutrition, fitness, lifestyle goals or joint issues elsewhere in the body, chiropractors have a good understanding of it all. We take pride in knowing details in a variety of health-related fields because it helps us diagnose and treat you in the most efficient and effective way possible.

If you are looking for a Dallas/Fort Worth chiropractor that truly cares about helping you reach a healthy state and not baiting you into unnecessary visits, we provide a good solution to your concerns. Our main goal is to change lifestyles and create a healthier you.

Why Should I Go to the Chiropractor?

If you have consistent pain or consistently work your joints in athletics or in workouts, you should consider visiting a chiropractor. While many of our patients come to us after they have experienced pain for an extended period of time, we can provide the necessary treatments to restore proper movement and proper nerve flow, getting you on a healthier and stronger track.


Pain is a sign that dysfunction of your muscles, ligaments or joints have existed for awhile. Perhaps, you have already tried to go to the doctor to obtain drugs that eliminate the pain temporarily. However, the initial dysfunction causing the pain still exists and will continue to cause problems. We focus on pinpointing that issue and working to treat those muscles, joints or ligaments impacted to decrease the possibility of ensuing pain. We want you fully healthy, and our process shows that.


If you have heard that chiropractors are movement specialists, you have heard correctly. Because we focus on movements throughout the body and how they all impact and are associated with one another, many athletes, trainers and gym-rats visit us. They realize that chiropractors help their overall performances and their wellness. While they may not have pain, they see that chiropractors and their understanding of the body help prevent injuries in their sports or practice.

As you consider chiropractic services in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, remember that we look at the overall body and create a specific action plan to help you reach a pain-free state. We care about your long-term health, and we want you to know that.

What Injuries Do Chiropractors Treat?

Unsurprisingly to most, the majority of patients that visit us need some type of treatment for back pain. Whether it be lower back, upper back or the entire back, we typically see that the pain stems from sciatica or some other spinal misalignment issue. Chiropractors work to improve your posture, muscle strength and spinal health so that you can better manage your back pain issues.


While back pain is our most common treatment, we can and do see patients with pain in various parts of the body. If you are experiencing pain in your knees, shoulders, hips or wrists, we work to eventually eliminate that pain by properly adjusting the joints and muscles surrounding the pain.


If you have recently been in an auto accident in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we suggest scheduling a visit to the chiropractor. Pain typically will not show up immediately after the accident, but rather days or weeks later. While the small pain may not seem like a big deal in the present, you could be contributing to excessive pain in the future. Your back, neck or overall spinal cord could have been altered because of the wreck. Be sure you get it checked out by an expert.


We also help younger kids identify scoliosis, which essentially is any odd or abnormal curvature of the spine. Scoliosis is important to detect early so that it can be properly monitored. You do not want to push scoliosis to the side because it could lead to major issues later in life.

While we described a few treatments we examine frequently, the above list is not an extensive one. We treat injuries and pain of various kinds. At Celebrity Healthcare, we know that we can benefit you and are ready to help.