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Car Accident Injury Claims

Following a car wreck in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, many of our patients express initial concern over the injuries they endured. As we help our patients overcome the short-term injuries and prevent any long-term damages, our Celebrity Healthcare team introduces them to options for claiming any legal damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

Using attorneys that are well-versed and experienced in personal injury lawsuit cases, we will be sure you are well represented and best equipped to handle your case alongside the attorney.

Based on your situation and the severity of the auto accident, you may be able to claim one or more of the following in order to receive financial assistance for personal injury:

Medical Expenses

The most common type of claim in a personal injury lawsuit involves receiving medical expenses. Car accidents, of course, can produce anything from minor cuts to significant, life-threatening injuries.

When you decide to pursue a legal case in hopes of receiving medical expenses, you need to have a complete medical examination. Medical professionals will help you recognize any potential injuries that could help you win your case.

Possible medical expenses that you could receive include:

  • Physical therapy

  • Transportation fees (ambulance)

  • Medical appointments

  • Permanent disability

  • Home services from medical professionals

If you believe you have a strong case to receive medical expenses as a result of a car wreck, contact us. We at Celebrity Healthcare help you realize your opportunities.

Lost Wages and Decreased Wages

Following an auto accident, you may be forced to sit back from work and recover from the recent injuries. In this case, you may be losing money that you otherwise would have earned at your job. Whether that time away from the office or site be due to hospital stays, therapy sessions, medical appointments or rest, you would not be in that position if it were not for the accident.

If you consider filing a lawsuit for lost wages in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you will need to clearly show that the injuries you endured specifically affected your ability to work and earn income. Based on previous checks, skills, experiences and age, you may have a more likely chance to win a legal case.

Celebrity Healthcare is here to help you each step of the way.

Pain and Suffering

Legally defined as “the physical and mental distress suffered from an injury,” pain and suffering cases in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex - and across the nation - typically take into account the type of injury, the significance of the injury and the possible treatments and pain that could result long term from the injury.

Many view pain and suffering cases as ones involving emotional distress and mental damage as a result of the injury. To an extent, those people are correct. While that assumption certainly is not all encompassing, mental and emotional damages can include new-formed anxiety, additional stress and a loss of excitement in life.

In the state of Texas, these cases typically have caps. Considered a non-economic damage, these cases often max out at $250,000 per defendant. Pain and suffering cases in Texas also has time limits (statutes of limitations) of two years on most cases involving injuries.

If you feel that you may have a case for pain and suffering, stop by Celebrity Healthcare. We’ll make sure your auto accident injuries are properly treated while helping you fight your legal battle.