About Us | Celebrity Healthcare


For 20 years, Celebrity Healthcare has strived to bring the highest quality service to Texans in need of a helping hand.

We are a multi-specialty healthcare group that focuses on personal injury care in the Dallas & Fort Worth, TX area. With over 20 years of experience handling personal injury cases, we have been one of the leading clinics at the forefront of the personal injury practice.

Celebrity Healthcare uses a multi-disciplined approach that offers our patients the best possible care to provide the best outcome for their case. Our doctors are trained in the latest treatments for pain and mobility to provide successful treatment plans for personal injury cases.

Celebrity Healthcare also provides a full service dental clinic offering exceptional cosmetic procedures, orthodontic treatments, dental implants and general dentistry appointments. We are proud to be in the unique position of assisting our patients with all of their dental needs under one roof, from cleanings and whitenings to braces and implants.

Celebrity Healthcare provides a convenience that cannot be experienced anywhere else with multiple services and disciplines all under one roof. We get you back to living.